Hotel Le Cetus

155 Route du Fenouil

Zone Ecoparc ZAE Saint Antoine

34130 Saint-Aunès, France



43.651985, 3.976658


Locating the hotel

The entry to our parking lot is opposite the exit of the Leclerc shopping mall.
From the A9 freeway take exit number 28. If coming from the North-East (you are travelling from Nimes towards Montpellier) then the hotel can be found on the first roundabout that you come across after exiting the freeway. If coming from the South-West (you are travelling from Montpellier towards Nimes) then as you exit the freeway you should do a complete circuit of the first roundabout you come across and exit the roudabout following the sign towards "Vendargues". The hotel can then be found on the following roundabout.